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Friday, December 1, 2006
Blog Fodder #1
This weeks Blog Fodder topic is: "What are some of your memorable experiences at school?" - submitted by Jean-Luc Picard

I have so many wonderful memories from my time spent at the Mypolonga Primary School, so I will share some of those, rather than go into details about my experiences at High School, which is something I think is best left in the past..

I remember my first day at school - there was only me and one other boy starting school for the first time that year. His name was Andy, and we became very close friends for the duration of time at Primary School.

I remember the Egg Hunts every Easter - we would spend our recess & lunch times creating little nests under the big peppercorn trees behind the lunch shed. We'd dig holes in the dirt, filling them with the leaves and pink pebbles that had fallen from the trees - I can still recall the smell of these leaves! On the school day that fell closest to Good Friday, everyone would go with their class teachers and see what had been left for them in their nests.

I remember the school concerts at the end of every school year - our drama/music teacher would give each class their own play to put together and act out on stage in the old institute building. These concerts were attended by parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbours, friends, it was really a big event. At the end of each concernt, the entire school (usually about 60 students) would gather on the stage to sing some Christmas carols. At my last concert when in grade 7, a friend and I dressed as Nuns, held candles, and sang The Lords Prayer. Then I changed costumes and danced the Can-Can with the other three girls who were in grade 7 with me. In total there were only seven of us in grade 7, and we were each awarded a special gift that year at the end of the concert. I was introduced to the audience as being the 'mother of the school' I honestly loved going to school. I have so many memories from all the concerts I was a part of for those seven years.

I can recall all the nature films we watched, all the projects we did on animals and different countries around the world. I can remember watching the olympic games, and writing letters of encouragement to some netball players.

I can remember all the camps we went on - each year we went somewhere different. The YMCA camp - camping at Arbury Park Outdoor School - making a mud-brick house - orienteering - nature walks - playing murder in the dark and storm the lantern - Silk screen printing - nature walks - photography - water activities - too many things to write about!

In summery, I will say that my days of attending Primary School hold some of my most treasured memories.

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